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This oracle is not just another deck of cards; instead it is designed to lead the user on a Divine Journey into the bigger picture where we recognize the interconnectedness of all things.

We are the bridge between the seen and unseen worlds and in these times of upheaval on our beloved planet the Ascended Masters and Angels have been knocking at the door to assist us into evolving into conscious human beings, empowered by love.

This is a sacred and unique oracle featuring twin decks that can be used either together or separately.

With 30 cards in each deck, they both have their individual booklet and quick guide for daily one or two card readings.

Why the Ascended Masters and Angels together?

The Ascended Masters vibrate at distinctly different levels from The Angels and are highly evolved beings that have raised their vibration to a sustained frequency of light, which serves and supports us, the whole of Humanity. The Angels are Divine Messengers that help us to connect easily to these higher energies and to the  clarity and wisdom of the Angelic realms.

While The Ascended Masters reveal the inner workings of a particular situation and offer their loving wisdom and support, The Angels bring a celestial clarity. Hence the twin decks. I highly recommend they be used together.

The Ascended Masters and Angels talk to everyone, regardless of spirituality or belief or where they are in their lives or their particular paths, and this oracle simply facilitates that communication.

This oracle addresses the misconception that God or Spirit is outside of ourselves.
It gives clear guidance into the mystery of ourselves and reminds us that we are the guardians and holders of great wisdom and what we need to remember.

Whereas most Tarot or Angel cards show an image, often with archetypal symbols, and offer a single interpretation, this oracle bypasses ordinary mind and gets straight to the essential message, the one coming from our own inner knowing and wisdom.

The Artwork

As we are entering the third millennium The Ascended Masters and The Angels have revealed themselves to me on a contemporary level.
They have demonstrated their Love and timeless wisdom appropriate to the present stage of humanity’s evolution.
This is reflected in the artwork of each card. and is channelled to the energetic patterns (fractals), signatures and colours representing each  Ascended Master and Angel, bringing illumination to their Guidance, Wisdom and Love.
The fractal mandalas on each card resonate on an osmotic level, assisting the user in channelling their own messages.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Guidance and Clarity for each unfoldment in your life.
  • Keys to easily 'listening' and learning your own CHANNELLING from the Ascended Masters and the Angels.
  • Empowerment by establishing your own connection with the Ascended Masters and the Angels.
  • Learning how to give channeled readings to others.
  • Assistance in all healing modalities, like Reiki, Massage, Esoteric healings, Guided Meditations and Healing Workshops.
  • Guidance for your Creativity, Inspirations and Intuition

There are many ways to use this Oracle and I have included in the booklet several Layouts.

  • Life Journey Layout
  • Mind Body Soul Layout
  • Balance and Harmony
  • Health and Body
  • Feng Shui for the Home
  • Life Aspect Layout